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Is this a Long Term project?

  • Yes, very long term:)

Can I Volunteer to help, please?

  • Yes

What type of work would I do?

Is Optimistic Vibe an employer?

  • Yes.

Can I Volunteer, instead of being an Employee?

  • Yes

Should I become an Employee, how much will I be paid?

  • We are paying $12/hour going through Start-Up, once we are independent in our Cash Flow we will gradually increase to $20/hour.

When will I be paid?

Is the Tiny Home Sisterhood waiting for approval for the budget?

  • No

Do I have to have Special Skills to work for Optimistic Vibe?

  • Optimistic Vibe hires based on Passion, not on Special Skills.

Is On-The-Job Training offered?

  • Yes, we provide on-the-job training through One Hand Up.

How is Optimistic Vibe financed?

Who manages Optimistic Vibe?

  • Optimistic Vibe has selected Carbonaro CPAs & Management Group as our CFO handling all of our fiduciary responsibilities. With the $5,000 we have started our journey toward the honor of being incorporated as qualified Benefit Corporation due to our positive impact on society, workers, the community, and the environment. From incorporation we launch the cultural gift that Optimistic is, Pono Imua.

Why is there a One Native?

What type of work would I be doing?

I don't know how to build Tiny Homes, is there other work available?

Where is Optimistic Vibe located?

  • The always colorful 'OV Basecamp' is located at A'ama Organic Farm, Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawai’i.

I became a Member for $25, does that mean I am an Employee?

Do I get paid for anything I have submitted?

  • We deeply appreciate your willingness to serve others, but we cannot accept anything from you until after there is a signed employment contract between you and us. Note: please do not work nor submit anything unless we ask in writing in advance.

Do I have to sign an Intelligent Property Agreement?

Will I receive an Employee Reference Guide?

How does Optimistic Vibe plan to collaborate with the community in need?

What are the projections of funds to serve the population of single mothers?

  • We are currently in the process of hiring employees to assist us with detailed projections of funds to serve the population of single mothers, tasks to complete the projections, and schuedule for completion.

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