Volcano Evacuation and Affordable Housing Crisis
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Volcano Evacuation and Affordable Housing Crisis

Attention Volcano Evacuation

Sisterhood Ohana is assisting Mothers with at least one child born on this island. Come to our Monday, May 14 event to learn more.

3:30-5:30, North Kohala Public Library, Kapa'au, Big Island.


Attention Single Mothers & Child

Sisterhood Ohana is gathering in numbers. We are not alone. Together we will organize affordable housing for ourselves, safe and secure for our children. Together we know what the community we want to build together looks like. Our audience is saying Yes. Join us. Watch this video >

Attention Volunteers

Sisterhood Ohana Mission

Sisterhood Ohana needs Volunteers to assist us with inviting the public to attend a series of FREE Community Conversations presented around the island, concerning the impact of Volcano, Earthquake, and Lava Flow. 

From social marketing online for getting the word out to helping us organize our grass roots events. We need Volunteers!

Mahalo for Volunteering!

Attention Friends

To care for Mother & Child impacted by the Volcano we need your support. Your support is everything, please check out Made In Hawai'i, Writer's Workshop, Cottage By The Sea, Wellness, and Membership Gifts. Should you be low on budget we have Sale items.

Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation

Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation
from 100.00

By supporting us you will be helping single mothers in Hawai’i in need of housing and a safe community. You will help provide young people with resources, tools and a platform to grow.

Thank You!
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