We need your help!

Help Wanted, $15/hour plus Full Employee Benefits

Hire Sale/Marketing person to market Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation Land Trust by announcing via a presentation to HGTV that Garden In Paradise is a business incubator proving the concept of Self-Reliance. Invite each of the 1,700+ OV Facebook friends, 1,500+ LinkedIn friends, plus existing social marketing friends (Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, etc). From this that become our Friend we send them a video inviting them to join us in spreading the word… Each Task/Blog described above will be uploaded as daily social media to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, and re-directed to Post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.



Marketing/Sales Manager prepare individual press releases for Alternative Homes Hawai’i, and ‘Hoku’ VW Camper.

All social marketing goes through Patreon for crowdfunding purposes.

To reach our overall Crowdfunding goal each Employee invited to participate in our weekly Newsletter will issue a variety of blog/social marketing campaigns.

Deliver weekly blogs on the following Crowdfunding campaigns:

Social Marketing

The Sales/Marketing Lead will collect each Friday blogs from each Team Member describing an inspiring and uplifting part of their project. Social Marketer will create Newsletter and distribute to each Newsletter member, and each Like/Comment friend:

a)    Newsletter, issue a weekly Newsletter utilizing a collection of social media from the week’s Postings of Daily Vibe Updates.

b)    Host Weekly Contest. ‘Did Ya Know?’ is a playful engagement whereby we social market an inspiring suggestion each day. Make a contest of the daily engagement by awarding a ‘Did Ya Know?’ T-shirt on each Aloha Friday to the member of our audience that replied to our Twitter with the most inspiring comment of the past week.

c)    Build a Ground Swell. Strength in numbers, show a large and diverse following by giving away ‘Did Ya Know?’ T-shirts (?) to each person we interview for film documentary footage. The questions asked during the interview are strategically arranged so the answer is suitable for social marketing of our message.

d)    Inspire Audience.   Inspire those of our Audience coming to Hawai’i for HOKU to joins us before they leave the Mainland by social marketing our video tour guide. Inspire those of our Audience not coming to Hawai’i (yet) to follow us like a television show by regularly scheduling the release of our HOKU tour guides as part of a series they can follow our adventures in Hawai’i with stunning photos, exciting stories, and interesting people.

e)    Gather Volunteers. Publish HOKU daily online events with 'View from HOKU': People feel happiness from sharing wonderful montages of our social architecture vision because it makes people feel nurtured. Wisdom of Elders is among many other things, the way we talk and write about Seven Teachings as our voice to be heard. Honor Ancient Elders by the example 'View From HOKU' sets, very kind, beautiful, and different in a very great way because we touch people’s heart and soul. Free-spirited HOKU beach lifestyle suits the personality of our audience. HOKU beach adventures, him wearing cowboy hat, her wearing sarong. Be all that Optimistic Vibe stands for by posting daily passion-based 'Awakening Your Truth Within' Teachings from 'View from HOKU'. Be fearless, passion-based (makes it exciting to look forward to a new lifestyle), self-actualization (unlike anything our audience has come across), generous giving lightning rod, positive force, publish videos of pro-environment position. Publish Music For The People as ‘Awakening’, music and lyrics, and photo's with the colorful guitar and ukulele case, music with songs of very personal lyrics. Publish passion-based metaphors that are refreshingly unique and different. Share an optimistic vision and creativity that is inspiring with wisdom, words, and ideas that are comforting, especially a fabulous day in paradise with HOKU. HOKU travels island, action, not words, our optimism and spirit, a breath of fresh air.  Plein Aire, Meditation & Music, island art, and writing, very prolific, colorful music, text, and movement to highlight our Awakening message from the many wonderful sources of inspiration in your life, churn out quite a bit of different works, we color outside the lines, a lot. Inspire audience to love the way we think, as wisdom, power, strength, makes people want to Awaken. Tour Guides show the cool passion-based people in Hawai’i that people are glad to meet, people feel happiness.  HOKU delivers the gorgeous day the island brings to your Awakening.  HOKU makes it so people can see why OV Team is drawn to Hawai'i. People feel they are Awakening to have cool people in Hawai'i in their Ohana that people are glad to meet, people feel happiness. HOKU is a spiritual being, HOKU's spirituality is loved by our audience, it represents trust in fate, karma, and synchronicity in our Awakening, seen as the amazing gift we are, truly an angel of Awakening to others. It is nice what RJC writes in his journal about Awakening with ‘Just Be Happy’ through RJC’s connection to David. People see HOKU with others as excellent team work. HOKU delivers the gorgeous day the island brings to our audience's Awakening. HOKU makes it so people can see why OV Team is drawn to LoveLiving. People feel happiness from HOKU sharing messages, it makes people feel they are Awakening. HOKU inspires passion-based alternative lifestyle based on Awakening Your Truth Within with Garden In Paradise’s co-living international approach. People are drawn to OV Team's kindness and energy.

Public Relations

Marketing/Sales Manager manages media and press responsibilities:

  • What makes us newsworthy?
  • Contact Editors for lead business story
  • Press Release for HGTV appearance
  • Develop series of Press Releases
  • Schedule weekly Press Release
  • What are other large volume media opportunities are available for us to reach via Internet?
  • List of Newspaper Contacts
  • What are other large volume media opportunities are available for us to reach via Radio?
  • What are other large volume media opportunities are available for us to reach via Magazines?
  • List of Local Access Television Contacts
  • What are other large volume media opportunities are available for us to reach via Honolulu TV?
  • Contact Honolulu television

Press Release

  • Marketing/Sales Manager works with creative agency producing HGTV presentation and develop a series of press releases on the entire product line and service.
  • Prepare press releases for each new service introduction and participation in an event, and music performance.