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One Hand Up

Wisdom of Elders

Wisdom of Elders… Explore the Seven Teachings of Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Courage, Humility, Wisdom.

We need help with our Workshop events to school children on how to interview and record an Elder in their family answering this question: "What one life lesson would you leave behind for generations to follow?"

As part of Education For The People... Wisdom of Elders is an opportunity for inter-generational conversations between Seniors and School Children, with Members of the Tiny Home Sisterhood acting as liaisons.

Wisdom of Elders is a program developed to provide a platform of handing down, Elder to Child, lessons in life that will provide the tools for Empowerment, Passion, and Confidence.

The Wisdom of Elders project is members of the Tiny Home Sisterhood delivering to school children via classroom workshops, children exploring the enjoyment of 'interviewing' their Elder's with an important opportunity to capture and share in their life lesson message.

Join us as we apply positive energy of Seven Teachings in building an international video library of life lessons to share our optimism internationally.

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Welcome Home

Music For The People... Elevate your passion into a career with 'Welcome Home' project?

We are looking for good hearted optimists that are familiar with passion for their music. We need road crew to hoist a special evening of 'Welcome Home' on the Big island, Hawai'i. Pays $20/hour.

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Tiny Home Sisterhood… Join our Road Crew as we head to HGTV?

Tiny Home Community ConversationsStand before the camera as a Tiny Home Teacher?

Tiny Home Hawai’i… Our Workshops... Your Job? Live in a Tiny Home in Hawai'i as your new global basecamp?

Tiny Home Big Heart… Inform the public with your Kindness as Your Job?

HGTV... Join our weekly national television efforts of all things Tiny Home living?

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