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One Native

Standing Rock at Plymouth Rock four hundred years ago, from the heart of the first One Native, Iyanough... from the mindfulness of leadership of Mayflower Pilgrim social movement Leader, William Brewster... and from the free-spirited nature of William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest, Stephen Hopkins.

From the first intentional community built on American-named soil... from the Ancient Elders teachings that kept them alive so they could gather and Thanksgiving.

For the next seven generations to come, inside each of us is their heart, mindfulness of leadership, and free-spirited nature. Inside each of us is our native pride, together we are ONE NATIVE...

One Native is people standing on the shoulders of Ancient Elders with empowerment

One Native is people restoring the wisdom of Ancient Elders' with Wisdom of Elders

One Native is coaching people to Awaken with Seven Teachings

One Native is inspiring people to care for Self with LoveLiving

One Native is honoring Mother Earth, and all our brothers and sisters of Nature, with care for Environment with One Living Green

One Native is providing people opportunity with One Hand Up

One Native is people forming Community with Garden By The Sea

One Native is Community teaching and sharing Self-Reliance

One Native is people practicing social architecture to live in harmony and balance with Nature

One Native is people serving the next seven generations to come with Education For The People

'Did You Know'

One Native stands for advocacy and action that delivers good to People, Environment, and Community.

'Did You Know' is free public Education For The People.