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Cottage By The Sea

Optimistic vibe is the first of its kind, on a journey of self-discovery on the Big Island of Hawaii, the prototype for the world in building sustainable community of strong mothers and children that contribute to their communities with passion, and purpose. We all have a purpose, we are healthier when we know we are not alone.
— Melinda Polet

Built By Confidence

Tiny Home Sisterhood is helping to clean up our environment. Everything in Hawai'i is brought to the island via boat on Wooden Pallets. The Wooden Pallets are not collected and sent back, the Wooden Pallets remain on the island. The Tiny Home Sisterhood has collected many Wooden Pallets that currently fill landfills, or worse yet, taken out to the sea and dumped. With our unique Pallet Bracing System we are constructing Tiny Homes from the Wooden Pallets. We are using the Wooden Pallets and Pallet Bracing System for the Framing. The exterior walls that cover the wooden pallet framing is selected from a variety of salvaged materials. Similarly, the material selected for the interior walls that cover the wooden pallet framing is decided upon during the Design Consultation.

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