Hawai'i Music Experience Gift

Hawai'i Music Experience Gift


By supporting us you will be helping single mother in Hawai’i in need of housing and a safe community. You will help provide young people with resources, tools and a platform to grow. Donating to the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation will also help provide young people with a “pay it forward” start up funding to bring their project to life.

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Airfare & 5 Day Island Tour


The purpose of quantity 250 Gifts of $175 each is to fundraise for Start-Up of the Sisterhood Ohana’s presentation of ‘Alternative Homes Hawai'i’ to HGTV

  • Your Gift Award of $175 is used in the Sisterhood Ohana’s presentation to HGTV for the weekly HGTV television show ‘Alternative Home Hawai’i’
  • Activate Sisterhood Ohana - build alternative homes
  • Help Mothers in need
  • Help Single Moms with Housing
  • Help Homelessness
  • Give women a "One Hand Up" - they do not need a hand out
  • Their participation will be building Tiny Homes using wooden pallets
  • Recycling over abundance of wooden pallets, helping to clean up our environment
  • Giving women Purpose and Self Worth
  • Promoting and Educating organic farming providing Self-Reliance


One out of 250 chance to win VW Camper Island Tour Guide, a once in a lifetime Hawaiian Adventure on Big Island for $175 (for 2 people)

  • R/T Airfare from Major Airport to Kona, Hawaii for two (2)
  • Gift Award air travel voucher not to exceed $1,000 per person INCLUDED
  • Up to $1,000 R/T Airfare voucher per roundtrip ticket per person
  • Airfare Travel Winners will also get a free 3 day "Island Tour" by Robert John Cook in a VW Camper
  • As a token of our appreciation we will send you the "Surfing Tours" VW Bus towel.
  • Experience a very unique island adventure.


Your dream come true... One out of 250 chance for Hawai'i… VW Camper!

  • An Amazing Offer for Two People
  • One out of 250 chance to Win a once in a lifetime Hawai'i Adventure.
  • Winners agree photos and videos during VW Camper Island Tour Guide could possibly be used for 'Alternative Homes Hawai'i on HGTV


Free Pre-Trip Consultation provided to Winners

  • Welcome/Pick up at Airport with Lei
  • Driver to bring you from the Airport to your hotel
  • Points of Interest to be selected by Winners, destination consultation included, possibilities to be selected from Tour Guide Videos


Five Days of personal tour guide driver catering to your needs.

  • Pre-trip planning with a consultant can be provided if needed
  • Dates for travel to/from Kona, Hawai’i are selected by the winners
  • Date availability for Tour Guide to be selected by Winner
  • VW Camper Island Tour Guide starts at Day 1 at 9:00am pick-up at Winner's hotel in Kona, Hawai'i, and ends on Day 5 at 5:00pm drop-off at Winner's hotel in Kona, Hawai'i.


Learn more VW Camper Island Tour Guide

  • Buy your Gift Award Ticket(s) on our shopping cart at Optimistic Vibe
  • FREE pre-trip planning consultation included
  • Appearance of video/pictures throughout the VW Camper Island Tour Guide - potential for use on HGTV
  • Experience "Music by the People" of the island
  • Travel Arrangements and Travel Accommodations are responsibility of Winners
  • Use of Camping Equipment included
  • Winners are invited to bring one backpack size luggage during VW Camper Island Tour Guide.
  • The cost of Meals are not included during the VW Camper Island Tour Guide
  • Winners are responsible for storage of their luggage during VW Camper Island Tour Guide (VW Camper has limited capacity).

VW Camper Island Tour Guide Gift Award Rules

  • $175 Gift Contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  • I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.
  • I am at least eighteen years old.
  • Offer not valid until all 250 $175 Gift Contributions are received in full.
  • All Sales Final at time of Purchase. NO REFUNDS.
  • Dependent on Winner's availability, schedule, and dates selected for their Adventure Experience will determine availability of 'Hoku'. Optimistic Vibe reserves the right to decide to provide 'Hoku' VW Camper or equivalent VW Camper as determined by Optimistic Vibe. Winner agrees to honor Optimistic Vibes decision. 
  • Optimistic Vibe reserves all rights, including withdrawal of Offer and refund to participants at any time.
  • All Other Rules may apply