Who is the Tiny Home Sisterhood?

The Tiny Home Sisterhood presents…


Who are we?

Optimistic Vibe is a book, an experiment... a collection of collaborative projects. Each collaborative project addresses a current social challenge.

Optimistic Vibe is not out to change anything, on the contrary. Attempting to change a social concern can muster negative energy.

The approach of Optimistic Vibe is to simply take focus on a current social concern, and with positive energy, put the shoulder to the wheel and make it shine better, maybe give Hope to one person or more affected by the social concern.

Our journey is a film documentary... as we Awaken we all become the New Native.  We invite you to join us and support your Awakening:

  • The New Native is inspired by Winona LaDuke’s "We don't want a bigger piece of their pie. We want a different pie. Optimistic Vibe is the Different Pie. We are pro-positive Social Architecture for Social Concerns building our Different Pie. Real Transparency: Launch Film Documentary on Kickstarter.
  • The New Native is Tiny Home Sisterhood celebrating Tiny Home Hawai'i at A'ama Organic Farm, July 15, 2017. Real Transparency: Launch Tiny Home Sisterhood’s revenue streams 1) "LOVE" DIY Kit, 2) Everything Tiny Home Hawai'i, 3) Tiny Home General Store, and 4) Tiny Homes of Hawai'i.
  • The New Native is gathering a sisterhood to launch the One Hand Up Self-Reliance project called ‘Tiny Home Sisterhood’ at A'ama Organic Farm, July 15, 2017. Real Transparency: Build the Griffith Self-Reliance Community at A’ama Organic Farm to support the Tiny Home Sisterhood’s One Hand Up project.
  • The New Native is organizing LoveLiving Wellness Platform with an international Support Your Awakening Workshop at A'ama Organic Farm, July 15, 2017. Real Transparency: Launch LoveLiving Wellness Platform.
  • The New Native is creating Welcome Home special evening at Aloha Theater, Kainaliu, Hawai’i to publically announce, for a Toby Keith video, Music For The People with Willie Nelson’s friend, ‘Mudslide’ on guitar and vocals, et al. Real Transparency: Honor, with action in the name of David Cook, international suicide prevention for veterans around the world, of all armies, both sides.

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