One Living Green

"Inspirationists are known to wear our heart on our sleeve... caring for our environment is deep inside us as our responsibility to make the environment better, to the point where our environment no longer needs our protection, just our care."

An Intelligent Sustainable Community is Inspirationists building our children's future with positive energy.

As Inspirationists, our love for Nature demonstrates a peace, harmony, and thankfulness that fosters a balance among all humans, all plant life, all animal life, and to all living entities: One Living Green. We are one with all our relations. We live in a world of more, more, more-while preaching about living with less. There is no creature that is unworthy of our protection no matter what size or form. By being good stewards, we learn to love and nurture not only Mother Earth but each other—one is not separate from the other, as what we do to our Mother Earth and to our sacred waters we do to ourselves.  Environmental Advocacy is important to us because the amount of waste produced now exceeds the amount of goods the waste was used for. We are producing more waste than the raw material that is being used to produce the waste. This waste/product ratio is not sustainable and will eventually implode. It is our responsibility to use our precious resources modestly as possible, and to teach others as we learn new ways to give back to our earth.

Thank you for supporting amazing Inspirationists with amazing Visions!

Robert John CookComment