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Welcome Robert John Cook and the International Social Enterprise Community to the Southern Leyte province of the Philippines. Get ready for Wétū, coolest home on the island, as alternative as it is spiritual, designed by heart, and built with confidence.

By working with local Manila Social Enterprise Community, join Robert behind the scene updates of researching land costs, foreign home ownership must-know, and location video guides to give you the info we both need!

Follow our film crew as we establish basecamp for launching our international film documentary One Native about the Briana Farm Community Homespace

Design & Build

Wétū is a prototype of a very unique octagon construction method using amazing environmentally-concious materials, such as Hemp Structural Insulated Panels. Plans of Design and Build of our prototype Wétū is currently underway be built in Southern Leyte, Philippines, and then it's off to Kangra, India to begin the Briana Farm Community Homespace with the Sisterhood Ohana.

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The social enterprise purpose of Wétū is to address the social concern of Single Mother & Child without a Home. 

Because of the extremely low cost of building Wétū the Sisterhood Ohana is entering a rapidly growing market to fill those needs with a 310 square foot home built to code for less than $5,000. The Sisterhood Ohana's future Sales Office in Portland, Oregon, USA, will handle packaging and distributing Wétū in the form of easy to assemble Kits.

Built to withstand the frequent rainy season storms that attack the Philippines with intense wind and rain out of nowhere. Wétū is designed as a Storm Home built in an octagon shape to stand strong in a storm for Single Mother & Child to be safe.

Structural Insulated Panel homes designed and built by the Sisterhood Ohana, a self-governing gathering of feminine voices for feminine social concerns... Social Architecture in the redefined (what used to be called) Workplace.!

As illustrated in the book, Optimistic Vibe, the author Robert John Cook points to Wétū and the Briana Farm Community Homespace as an opportunity for Sisterhood Ohana to create job opportunities of self-reliance, teach children in an amazing environment, and strengthen our community with affordable built-to-code storm homes.

As Sisterhood Ohana builds our first Wétū, become a Member and we will keep you posted weekly with a look at Sisterhood Ohana's Home Options, Easy-Build Kits, and everything alternative off grid to meet your needs.

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