Built With Confidence

Sisterhood Ohana is helping to clean up our environment!

We have collected many Wooden Pallets that currently fill landfills, or worse yet, taken out to the sea and dumped. With our unique Pallet Bracing System we are constructing Alternative Homes from the Wooden Pallets. We are using the Wooden Pallets and Pallet Bracing System for the Framing. The exterior walls that cover the wooden pallet framing is selected from a variety of salvaged materials. Similarly, the material selected for the interior walls that cover the wooden pallet framing is decided upon during the Designed By Heart consultation.

Residence or Investment


The cost for Built With Confidence options varies:

  • Size: The square footage determines size and is scalable to accommodate needs.
  • Material: Sisterhood Ohana likes to add color to our designs for our presentation to HGTV for our national television show proposal Alternative Homes Hawai'i.
  • Location: Cost can vary depending on Location. For example, constructed on a foundation (on land for as low as $10,000, is less costly than the expense of constructing on a Trailer, as low as $25,000).
  • Utilities: Off-Grid with Solar has a different cost associated with it compared to being On Grid with Electricity... Code Permits, Design considerations, and several other factors play a role in these variable costs.
  • Water and Sewerage: Water can be as simple as connecting a garden hose and a self-contained toilet, or, provided with all the comforts of a complete water and septic system designed to meet code. Costs vary dramatically.
  • Design: Sisterhood Ohana is proud of the Designed By Heart consultation we offer. Should you be considering an Alternative Home in Hawai'i, for yourself, for Rental Property, or a Vacation Getaway, we can answer all your questions with a very easy process through our simple Designed By Heart consultation.

Your Project

Join us On Location!

Sisterhood Ohana is filming for our presentation to HGTV!

We are currently scouting the island for interesting projects. Designed By Heart, Built With Confidence... should these words of action resonate with you for your property give us a call!

Whether it's a project you need completed and beautiful wood from pallets sounds appealing to you, or, perhaps you are interested in building that very unique dream of an alternative home -- Sisterhood Ohana would be honored to discuss your vision!

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