Why Social Enterprise thrived Seven Generations ago...

Seven Generations ago...

Social Enterprise worked for people, environment, and community.

The purpose of One Native film documentary is to illustrate Robert John Cook's experiment 'LoveLiving' through Social Enterprise...

The 'LoveLiving' experiment to see whether or not passion is a spiritual gift that can be activated by living the Seven Teachings of long ago, the virtues of love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom.

Can passion lead to happiness? Follow the experiment as Robert John Cook takes the parachute off, believes with everything he's got, and steps off the proverbial cliff into the arms of spiritual faith. Join Robert as he designs the prototype Wètū with his family to prove his theory.

For entertainment, explore tropical island alternative living and lifestyle as your workday building Wètū as the One Native basecamp, home, and temple on a private farm with 310 square foot indoor/outdoor country kitchen as Optimistic Vibe's Saturday Morning place for traveling international Social Enterprise community to meet in the Philippines. 

On the lighter side, swing through the banana trees of Philippines as how-to action of Ex-Pat Lifestyle, having fun living adventures. Enjoy the rush of independence when exploring what a Cost of Living Comparison lifestyle can do. And join a family lifestyle organizing an international school calendar for their young child. 

Follow amazing people with passion bringing their school children to Kangra, India, near Dalai Lama's Temple in the Himalayan Mountains on the Tibet and Nepal border, for an amazing international learning experience. Learn from global Ex-Pat teachers and travelers through interaction with global Social Enterprise by interviews of hands on living an Ex-Pat Lifestyle, the how-to, do & don't perspectives, projects worked on as an Ex-Pat, and how to get involved with international social enterprise network.

Join Robert John Cook's 'One Native' film documentary of his LoveLiving Experiment to prove through Seven Teachings and Social Enterprise that passion leads to Happiness.

Follow the film documentary that reveals virtues is the key to happiness through the experiment from his book as action, not words.

Become a member and help us prove Passion is a Spiritual Gift.

Belong to the happiness of an international community of Ex-Pat's living an amazing world-traveling lifestyle of Social Enterprise. Watch as the Sisterhood Ohana builds Wétū and the Briana Farm Community Homespace.

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