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ONE NATIVE film documentary 

The World is a Better Place... Awakening One Native with Seven Teachings

Follow the amazing international film documentary of an amazing group of positive people called Ex-Pat on an adventurous journey of global Social Enterprise.

Join inspiring people around the world on a truly amazing adventure:

Improve well-being for People

Innovative alternative homes for Environment

Self-reliance for Community

Awaken to a better lifestyle

We don’t want a bigger piece of their pie. We want a Different Pie.
— Winona LaDuke, Native Rights Advocate

Discover why Social Enterprise is a lifestyle sweeping the World

Your purchasing the art used in the video goes a long way in advancing our film documentary.

Your support of the world in need of improvement will help leave your mark that while here in the garden you did good for people, environment, and community.

Blessings for your kindness.