Why the Kiln is filled with One Native Art

One Native Art

Around the world... 'One Native' is the international film documentary of Social Enterprise

One Native Art’ is a gallery of handmade art from Artists entrenched in the Social Enterprise Community around the world

Global Social Enterprise

Join 'Fair Trade’ generated by One Native Art to keep the wheels turning for the projects that ‘Sisterhood Ohana' serves:

  • ‘Designed By Heart’ (Spiritually-based Interior Design)
  • Wétū (Philippines-based Alternative Home & Lifestyle) 
  • ‘LoveLiving Journey’ (Self-Reliance Community Homespace in India)
  • ‘Education For The People’ (International School Network)

Join the film documentary around the world:

o   Join the Design of Wétū in Philippines by bringing your alternative home designs, suggestions, and questions to ‘Designed By Heart Workbook’ international discussion

o   Volunteer and help Sisterhood Ohana organize and manage ‘LoveLiving Journey’ program and join our Self-Reliance Community Homespace in India

o   Participate in ‘Education For The People’ as together we build an international network of high quality global alternative school options based on affordable Cost of Living Comparisons for Single Mothers around the world

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