'What Volcano Evacuation Is Really Like' by Robert John Cook

Earthquakes, Lava Flow, and Sulfur Dioxide

What Is It Really Like...

5:30am, Sunday morning, waking up early with excitement. For years now I have called my beautiful Mother at 9:00am every week on Sunday morning. She is six thousand miles away, each week she sits by the phone waiting for me to call.

My Mother has been watching the Volcano News on television and is very frightened. Today I will be able to tell her that my friends are helping me leave the island for purging the Sulfur Dioxide poisoning. Thank you to so many for helping to make my Mother feel better!

The gases being emitted from the Volcano, Earthquakes, and Lava Flow are releasing Sulfur Dioxide into the air here on the island. I have a challenged immune system from having contracted Lyme Disease while living in Lyme, CT before they knew what the disease was. Three years later I contracted Lyme for the second time. The Sulfur Dioxide poisoning is toxic in my blood. I am sick. Should I not get off the island soon I will have permanent health issues. I am raising money for a plane ticket and moving expenses to Oregon.

I was poisoned by Sulfur Dioxide while filming video for our 'One Native' film documentary. The price I have paid is heavy, but so is my work. Please have a look...

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