How to Survive the Air BnB Affordable Housing Crisis

'A significant chunk of Hawaii's houses are used as vacation rentals.' - Fox News

'1 in 24 homes in Hawaii are being used as vacation rentals, possibly to detrimental consequences for the local economy. Every vacation rental has a negative impact on the local economy, raising prices in the area and leaving locals without afforable housing.' - Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice

'Just over 4 percent of homes — are being listed as short-term rental units on home-sharing and home-rental websites like Airbnb.' - Hawaii News Now

'More than half of the state’s 23,000 vacation rentals were owned by non-residents. That rate of expansion of vacation rentals, taking that critical affordable housing away from our residents, really shocked me.' - Victor Geminiani

'Airbnb is actually contributing to a growing housing crisis by diverting rental stock that could have been rented to local, long-term tenants instead.' - Kimberly Mok

'Housing advocates have become increasingly concerned that what’s good for visitors is bad for residents – that as more landlords rent out their units to out-of-towners on Airbnb instead of offering them to locals to live in, they are exacerbating already severe housing shortages.' - Ariel Stulberg

'Airbnb asks city to hold off on crackdown of illegal vacation units.' - KITV Island News

'I don't think that our enforcement is very effective, so we are looking at other strategies.' - Kathy Sukagawa, acting Director of the Department of Planning and Permitting

How To Survive the Air BnB Affordable Housing Crisis

Know anyone who needs an affordable place to live on Big Island?

Kapa’au, Big Island, May 14, 2018:  The public is invited to attend a series of FREE Community Conversations presented around the island, concerning the impact of the Air BnB explosion on long term rental housing. will present an informative understanding of the Air BnB affordable housing crisis currently taking the Big Island by surprise. Come and learn the facts about affordable housing options. The first of these free talks takes place on Monday, May 14, 3:30-5:30, North Kohala Public Library (next door to Takata’s Store), 54-3645 Akoni Pule Hwy, Kapa’au. The event at the North Kohala Public Library is the first in a series to be hosted at each of the twelve public libraries on Big Island.

For more information call 808-250-8746.

Sisterhood Ohana is inviting Guest Speakers...

Public Figures, Civic Leaders, Community Leaders, Educators at the University level, and our Politicians:

Twelve Events, Twelve Public Libraries… we are inviting:


Aunty Maha blessing us with her beautiful wisdom. learn more >

Special Guest Speaker... State Representative Candidate David Tarnis discussing the ‘Air BnB’ crisis currently gripping affordable housing options on the Big Island. learn more >

Mr. Michael Doolittle, Public Figure, Veterans Advocacy, speaking as to why the Self-Reliance aspect of the Tiny Home Big Heart project is important for all of us. learn more >

Jack Hoyt speaking to the merits of ‘Cottage By The Sea’ housing for Māla Farm Community Homespace. learn more >

Jeanne Rasmussen presenting the value to People, Environment, and Community through the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation. learn more >

Kayli Towler discussing the experience of presenting ‘Alternative Homes Hawai’i’ to HGTV. learn more >

Kumi Alice Lida of Intentional Living Designs to discuss the passion-based tools and techniques behind Designed By Heart. learn more >

Nani Evans presenting a dream come true of her Single Mother with Child experience as her ‘Cottage By The Sea’ comes to life. learn more >

Nicole Strandberg to present her experience of working with Sisterhood Ohana on her Pallet Reconstruction Project for our ‘Alternative Homes Hawai’i’ presentation to HGTV. learn more >


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