One Living Green

One Living Green

On the eve of the heart attack that took my brother’s life...

My brother, David, called me on the phone for what would unknowingly be his last phone call to me.

David had just finished reading my latest book, ‘Pride’, the story of our family history going back five hundred years. The last words my brother spoke to me was ‘I want to come home and work together.’

All that you see of is the story of two brother’s sharing the love of working together. To leave our mark as our legacy, I share with my brother David a passion for working with David to create the opportunity for projects that help people, environment, and community by addressing Social Concerns.


To conclude the seven year journey of passion, commitment, and perseverance that two brothers have walked together, I have passion for feeling clean within the environment we live in. However, we live in an environmental disaster.

One Living Green

The Social Concern that David and I are addressing with One Living Green is Environmental Integrity. Each day our environment grows burden with more and more trash, waste, and contaminants. This is a Social Concern.

The reason for Environmental Integrity being in questions is multi-faceted, and we could spend days on end pointing fingers at each other, however the primary reason is profit and greed through the Industrial Age policy that our environment be treated inappropriately. Following four and half years of research working with two universities via the Small Business Development Network (a federally funded program), we can provide a much healthier perspective by focusing on what to do with our trash, waste, and contaminants. With the tools, techniques, and resources and we can regain our environment with One Living Green.




Environmentalists who believe in applying Self-Reliance through Social Architecture are inspired by a lifestyle of saving our environment. I believe that when caring people like you who are taking the time to read this believe in applying Social Architecture to address a social concern we can provide an opportunity of for our environment by building inexpensive alternative homes. Being self-reliant with no mortgage and no rent gives a person hope for their future.

Given the Money

The team at Optimistic Vibe has completely built the infrastructure to bring One Living Green to life. Given the money we would build our 1st One Living Green home out of salvaged material to show we can clean up our environment.

To raise money to host free workshops for One Living Green we are reaching out to people like you that have the heart to believe in applying our efforts to help our environment.

Free Gift For You

Products: The mission behind the product is to host free workshops for the public to demonstrate alternative home building techniques, tools, and resources.

We are offering amazing products and services on our online shopping cart. The mission behind the product is to build our 1st One Living Green home by hosting a free workshops for the public to demonstrate alternative home building techniques, tools, and resources.

Our goal is to offer amazing products and services to you for our fundraising efforts, each comes with a FREE gift specifically designed for you.

Blessings for your kindness!


RobertJohnCook is the Author of ‘The Optimistic Vibe of Social Architecture’.


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