Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation

Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation

On the eve of the heart attack that took my brother’s life...

My brother, David, called me on the phone for what would unknowingly be his last phone call to me.

David had just finished reading my latest book, ‘Pride’, the story of our family history going back five hundred years. The last words my brother spoke to me was ‘I want to come home and work together.’

All that you see of www.OptimisticVibe.com is the story of two brother’s sharing the love of working together. To leave our mark as our legacy, I share with my brother David an passion for working with David to create opportunity for projects that help people, environment, and community by addressing Social Concerns. To honor the father and daughter who have been with David and I since the beginning, when we show value to the community the community will show value to us.

The Social Concern that David and I are addressing is the horror that young people are presently facing with unsatisfactory employment conditions in the workplace. It is estimated 28% of young people hate their job, day in day out they hate their job, they hate their day, they will end up hating their life. This is a Social Concern.

The reason for job-hatred is multi-faceted, however the primary reason is exploitation at many levels. Following four and half years of research working with two universities via the Small Business Development Network (a federally funded program), we can provide a much healthier work atmosphere for young people by focusing on their passion rather than the business demands of tasks wrapped up into a Job Description.

I believe that when caring people like you who are taking the time to read this believe in applying Social Architecture to address a social concern we can provide an opportunity of Self-Reliance for young people with passion-based employment. Being self-reliant with passion-based employment gives a yound person hope for their future.

The team at Optimistic Vibe has completely built the infrastructure to bring Social Architecture to life with One Hand Up. Given the money we would obtain the results for Business Professor Dr. Cliff Robbins to prove his business incubator works.

To raise money we are reaching out to people like you that have the heart to believe in applying passion-based employment through Social Architecture, inspired by doing better in the workplace for young people.


Our goal is to offer amazing products and services to you for our fundraising efforts. The mission behind the product is to obtain the results for Cliff Robbins to prove his One Hand Up business incubator works.

RobertJohnCook is the Author of ‘The Optimistic Vibe of Social Architecture’.

Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation
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By supporting us you will be helping single mothers in Hawai’i in need of housing and a safe community. You will help provide young people with resources, tools and a platform to grow.

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