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Our mission is simple...

To bring with ease for Single Mothers of Hawai’i, new foundations for the new paradigm of Awakening Your Truth Within. To honor that on the path of Awakening Your Truth Within: One day you, next day me. To foster the strengths women and children have, and be a beacon under the Ancient Elders teachings. To foster a path of discovery and unimaginable solutions as women speak their truth.

Cottage By The Sea

Good News is Here!

Sisterhood Ohana announces ‘Cottage By The Sea’ as our Alternative Home Model! And we are so excited... we are using passion-based architecture - your Spiritual Temple, your 'Cottage By The Sea'!

Join our environmental advocacy project One Living Green as we deliver your 'Cottage By The Sea' with zero-waste!

Sisterhood Ohana is teaming up with LoveLiving Wellness to provide an online Truth Within workbook for exploring passion-based architecture to produce your 'Cottage By The Sea' dream come true… take a look at 'Designed By Heart'.

Once the ‘Design By Heart’ of your 'Cottage By The Sea' is complete and ready for land Sisterhood Ohana is pleased to announce 'Built With Confidence'.

Sisterhood Ohana is teaming up with Wisdom of Elders’ business incubator, courtesy of the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation, to provide the empowerment to a select group of Single Mothers… Cottage By The Sea is Designed By Heart and Built With Confidence.

We hope you stay tuned with our online Sisterhood Ohana Community Events calendar. All events for 'Cottage By The Sea' are free and open to all people.

Currently we are distributing Sisterhood Ohana brochures as invitations to Alternative Housing Community Conversation at Ka’apau Library on Monday, May 14th, 3:30-5:30. Nice and close to Mother’s Day, so everyone can come on out for an early Monday evening and learn what our voice together sounds like.

Sign up for our Newsletter and stay tuned for our upcoming Press Release.


Sisterhood Ohana is building Optimistic Vibe Basecamp!

Zero Waste! Using free wooden pallets and salvage material

Follow us as we get on the Evening News with our amazing features Designed By Heart and Built with Confidence. Then it's on the HGTV!

Next step is our proposal presentation for Sisterhood Ohana’s weekly television show ‘Alternative Homes Hawai’i’. To show HGTV our stuff we are hosting a free workshop to the public in a live demonstration of dismantling wooden pallets without tolls and free how-to construct lessons in building a scaled model of ‘Wétū’ the Optimistic Vibe Basecamp on a trailer pulled by our adorable VW Camper, HOKU.

Other workshops we are including in our series range from hearing from local Alternative Home professional, alternative living enthusiasts, and following each week the design and building videos and blogs.

Sisterhood Ohana will quickly become the Alternative Home lifestyle experts on HGTV! Stay tuned as we produce our first episode of ‘Alternative Homes Hawai’i’.

Become a Member and enjoy the behind the scene features and benefits of Education For The People. Should you love wellness as much as we do you will really enjoy Meditation For The People. Should music be your thing, toss off your slippahs and join us down the beach for Music For The People.

Our purpose is our Cultural Gift to Hawai'i

We are One Love, One World, One Native

We care, ‘Pono Imua’, our voice being heard directly for the people, environment, and community.

We are gathering your voices by hosting Alternative Homes Community Conversations regarding much needed Housing Options in Hawai’i.

‘We are a group of organized women, strong and confident. We are building homes of self-reliance on state-owned land as an experimental model of Social Architecture to benefit our children for the next seven generations. We are gathering public input from people at our public events at five libraries and four cultural centers, plus input from community leaders and civic leaders, and with federally-funded University of Hawai’i Small Development Office, we are gathering very important input from Educators. Then it’s off to the Governor for signature.’
— Lani Obina

With the University nearby to help...

At the Alternative Homes Community Conversations we host we are gathering input from the people’s voices, and input from Civic Leader’s voices. We are presenting our findings to our friend, elected-officials Cindy Evans and Jen Ruggles, for review and comment.

Our mission is to deliver a voice of sound reasoning for leasing 20 acres of state-owned land for a group of single mothers with child in need of home with a proven model of self-reliance. We are honorably delivering our message to Hawai’i County Council Member Tim Richards. 


Sisterhood Ohana Membership is a community of women and men who inspire and support Single Mothers and their children.

Join 'Wisdom of Elders' as we believe that to live our most authentic, fulfilled life, we need the support of you cheering us on.

Belong to those of us that believe to have more of what we deeply desire in our life, we need inspiration and support.

By joining our Membership, you will help us with exactly what we need -- to know you are there fo us!

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