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We are taking a one year honeymoon in search of a special place to build our Family home… Join us as we search for Nana’s Garden.


Robert & Merly are a unique life partnership team honoring their True Love Marriage… discover an international love story of adventure and romance and learn how an amazing marriage can deliver the life you dream of.

A one year Honeymoon Lifestyle adventure… join Robert & Merly on an exciting Honeymoon Lifestyle and explore the Philippines!

As they live The Experiment… Learn the tools and techniques to follow your Passion to your Happiness as Robert & Merly show you how.

Join Robert & Merly and share the joy of International Child Adoption… Travel the world with children? Yes! The greatest education is a cultural classroom… join Robert & Merly adopting their three children.

Discover a warmhearted approach to Homeschool Traveling… participate in joining Homeschool Teachers Robert & Merly as they design and build home as a ‘school room’.

And Family Van Life… adopting, homeschooling, and traveling across the Philippines! Welcome to Robert & Merly’s family of five international adventure… Family Van Life!

As they Carry David Home on a journey… follow Robert John Cook’s obligation to fulfill his brother’s last words ‘I want to come home’. Follow the international intrigue as Robert & Merly search Philippines for ‘Nana’s Garden’ to build their home.

10,000 Miles to India by following the spiritual road map… join Robert & Merly’s passion, commitment, and perseverance to travel Philippines as a family adventure with their three children.

Revealed by Ancient Elder’s Teachings… What we give out is what we get back… Discover the secret of Robert & Merly’s True Love Marriage! Discover the Ancient Seven Teachings of love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom.

As Robert John Cook writes his new novel ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ while on the road… travel the spiritual world of Seven Teaching’s as Robert & Merly follow the answers revealed in locating David’s final resting place, the altar of lavender in Nana’s Garden, the Eternal Portal.

In search of Nana’s Garden... in search of Nana’s Garden to Carry David Home becomes a spiritual story of family adventure that will warm your heart. Follow ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’, a new novel by Robert John Cook.



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