Make the world you live in everyday a better place?

Is Action, not words, important to you? Optimistic Vibe is a social movement designed to bring your passion for a better lifestyle to life.


When you discover your Truth Within unimaginable solutions appear. Blessings, miracles, synchronicity, manifestation, coincidence… there is a zillion different names for it. At Optimistic Vibe, we don’t put a label the enegy, we simply follow it and the doors that open are AMAZING!

Meet Lani’s LoveLiving Lifestyle. Discover ‘Seven Teachings with Aloha’. Explore the spirituality of loved by all. Lani is spiritual, representing trust in fate and karma. Enjoy amazing gifts together, truly an angel to others. Join Lani’s Ohana. Learn more >

Welcome to Lani's passion for balanced health… LoveLiving Journey’. You are invited to beach events like no other… Lani’s Meditation For The People. Discover the lifestyle you seek. Relax with a dancewalk exercise on Ali’i Drive, Kona, Hawai’i. Explore the free-spirit in you and hang out with Lani in her VW camper ‘LILY”. Experience a lifestyle suited to the personality of the new you. Whether it’s a new cowboy hat, or a new sarong… Lani’s LoveLiving Journey will show you how to live the new lifestyle you want. A true island adventure of a lifetime! Learn more >

Connect with Kimberly & Sofia as Mother & Daughter bring your dream of living in Hawai’i to life, and show you How! Explore Kimberly’s ‘Education For The People’! Discover the methods of LoveLiving Journey. Learn to speak so your important voice can be heard for your needs. Your Truth Within… learn from Kimberly how Tiny Home Sisterhood might be an exact fit for what you are searching for. Take an adventure into honoring your Ancient Elders’ teachings in a new and exciting wellness platform. Relax in the arms of your Ancestor’s abundance of love to ‘just be happy’. You are very kind, beautiful, and different in a very great way, you touch people’s heart and soul, now it’s your turn. Learn more >

Join Corrine as she chauffer’s you in ‘LILY’ with her charming partner, Billy. Enjoy a week in Hawai’i being spoiled in a VW Camper! Leave the island with a memory keepsake that you will cherish for the rest of your life! Guaranteed! During your weeklong island adventure discover One Hand Up’. Explore the possibility of detaching from your Mainland weights, and moving to Hawai’i to be self-reliant. Experience the many benefits of Wisdom of Elders. Love a new way of thinking! Reconnect with your wisdom, power, strength, and patience. Learn to color outside the lines, a lot! Explore the many wonderful sources of inspiration in your life from a new and exciting perspective. Discover your creativity through a very unique island experience, discover your voice you want heard, feel happiness from your music and lyrics. Enjoy the colorful guitar and ukulele as Music For The People sounds beautiful and makes you want to be there. An irresistibility romantic experience! Learn more >

Join Jeanne's passion for Wisdom Of Elders’! Join Ana as she delivers to HGTV Lani's Spirit of Aloha! Discover Ohana in the workplace. Welcome delivery of the gorgeous day the island brings to you. Explore why you are drawn to Hawai’i. Feel happiness, feel really wonderful... discover island kindness of Aloha, the energy of love already inside you. Inspire yourself and the people around you. Connect with your optimism! Explore how to learn from your spirit. Be your breath of fresh air. Refreshing, different, charismatic… trust your island spirituality. Be with people who smile, people who love the way you think, be excellent team work you seek, discover Hawai’i, is living and passion-based employment for you? Discover your Truth Within! Learn more >

Design David's Home with Lani’s 'Design By Heart'! Learn why the benefits of ‘Pono Imua’ deliver to you the Yes you seek. Explore a better way for People, Environment, and Community… Social Architecture. Join Lani & Ana as they team-up and deliver your dream to own a Tiny Home in Hawai’i to life on HGTV. Watch Robert as he builds Garden In Paradise… your home for your Pono Imua. Join Ana’s ‘Tiny Home Hawai’i’ presentation to HGTV, be part of her Crew. Explore what connecting with your connection to spirit can provide you. Your tiny home dream is exciting, it will allow the artist in you the opportunity to create. Take a look at affordable living in Hawai’i. Your pro-environment position has a home, in the design of your home! What you dream of building is unlike anything built before, it should be, its’ your voice and no one else’s. Discover how to create your exciting new lifestyle based on your passion. Discover your Truth Within to be the creator of what you stand for. You have an important message, share your voice with your like-minded community. Your vision is exciting, your contribution to community is important. Be fearless, sharp, strong, and of self-actualization. You are a generous giving lightning rod, a positive force, make our mark. You are prolific… Pono Imua was built for YOU! Learn more >


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